Monday, June 20, 2011

It has been a while, but I would like to think I've returned to you, my freends, for good.

My personal assistant has been, shall we say, otherwise indisposed for the past, well, way too long. But now that we all officially live in the future, she's able to convey my travel adventures to you via this Blogger app.
Let's get started.
We are on our way home from a Father's Day (weekend) trip to Rolling Waves Cottages in Longboat Key, FL. It was quite relaxing and enjoyable. The weather was perfect and we spent each morning and afternoon at the beach, interrupted only by my midday repose, which was equally enjoyed by my (apparently very sleepy) travel companions. The beach was heavenly; a nearly empty stretch of soft white sand with warm low rolling waves at our feet. The temperature was quite hot but the honored Dad of the Day saved said day with the amazing screened-in tent contraption that he bought. We all easily fit into it with lounge chairs and it made the sand and breeze at least 10 degrees cooler, which made the beach wonderfully do-able for the tan-challenged Mom.

We had breakfast at Dolphin Cafe, Cafe St. Armand & Minnie's Cafe each morning, respectively. The staff at Dolphin were rude but the food was good, the staff at St. Armand were sweet but the food was sad, especially when being choked down on a great terrace in perfect weather on Lido Key. Minnie's in Holmes Beach was darling and easygoing with food that wasn't trying to be anything but yummy.

Our lunches were made at the cottage (hot dogs & BLTs) except for today when I was introduced to the ritual of going to Gennie & Jane E's at the old IGA on Anna Maria Island for lunch on our way out of town. Mom always gets a tuna salad sandwich and a fun little tchotchke, which today was two lawn ornaments made of old plates and saucers to look like flowers.

Dinner the first night was a bit awkward because it was a bit more fancy than we had expected or dressed for. Plus, I was in a slightly "melted" mood after having been in the sun all day and a less-than-stellar nap which really added to our popularity at the restaurant. No matter though because our server was rather enthusiastic about describing each item on the menu with great detail, down to where the orange garnish on Mom's Cosmopolitan came from and that it would be "the sweetest" one she's ever had (Mom reports that while it was very sweet, not THE sweetest. Touché).

Dinner on the second night was neat because the restaurant, MarVista, was right by a dock and we had the luck of seeing a few dolphins playing and jumping in the water! And they were delicious! (I'm chuckling now because you fell for that. Am I too cruel? Please forgive my dark humor!)  While my travel companions unceremoniously slurped their Piña Coladas, I delicately sipped my frozen Mango drink, which was "virgin" because I am a purist and see no need to contaminate my brilliant mind with silly-making spirits. We filled our bellies with fresh fish, oysters, crab legs and mussels and it was so good.

As you've probably gathered, we didn't do much other than play on the beach and eat, which made this Father's Day trip, quite simply, perfect.  Happy Father's Day!

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